Access to the symposium venue

The symposium venue is Tsushima Campus of Okayama University, which is near downtown Okayama City. The campus is located in two kilometers (about 30 minutes by foot) from Okayama Station, Japan Railway (JR) Line. Click here for detail information about Tsushima Campus. The following ways are available for access to the campus. Google map is also available at here.

  • From Okayama Station (7-10 minutes): Take Okaden Bus at JR Okayama Station West Exit Bus Terminal, for "Okayama Rika Daigaku (47)" and get off at "Okadai Iriguchi" or "Okadai Nishimon" bus stop.

  • From Okayama Airport (35-40 minutes): Take Chutetsu Bus or Okaden Bus at Okayama Airport Stop No.2, for "Okayama Station West Exit" and get off at "Okayama Daigaku Suji" bus stop. The campus is 9 minutes by foot from the bus stop. Click here for the timetable of buses at Okayama Airport.

Guide on the symposium venue

The venues of each event and registration are listed as follows. Please note that the venues are different for each event. You can find more detail information about each venue at here.

  • Registration, Technical session, Invited talks: Third floor of Building for general education ("E4" in campus map)
  • Kimura-award commemorative lecture: 50th anniversary hall ("W1" in campus map)
  • Banquet (Technical exchange meeting): ANA Crowne Plaza Okayama
Registration desk

The registration desk will open at Third floor of Building for general education ("E4" in campus map). More detail information about each venue can be found at here. The registration desk operation hours are listed as follows.

  • Monday March 6: 12:00-18:15
  • Tuesday March 7: 8:00-16:00
  • Wednesday March 8: 8:00-16:30
  • Thursday March 9: 8:00-14:00
  • There are no registration desks at nor around the banquet site.

Remark on hotel booking

The ISCS organizing committee does not offer any hotel room at a discounted rate. The attendees are advised to book a hotel on their own using any commercial hotel booking website. There are variety of hotels around JR Okayama Station, where you can take a bus to Okayama University. For the access information to the conference venue, please see "Access to the symposium venue" above. You can also find hotel and tourist information here.